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Word Count

Word Count
Some People have a lot of time on thier hands.
This site, shown to the Empress by Art Chimes of Arlington, lists — horizontally in one lonnnnng line — 86,800 English words, from “the” to “conquistador,” including names, in order of the frequency in which they appear in a collection called the British National Corpus (which would explain why “London” pops up at No. 242, while “Washington” festers down at 2,932).

I wrote two poems that I submitted to a contest that wanted poems using consecutive words. check them out….

Words for first poem and the numbers they appear on the site.

yuck 46946
supergun 46954
skewers 46957
pairings 46958

“Ouch…Yuck and stunned,
I was felled by her Supergun.
Only to be pinned with Skewers of such nasty pairings,
Oh, for the love of god, I’m being flogged with stinky herrings.”


Words for second poem…and the context which it was written.
Context: I used to work at METAGroup when Gartner bought us out…and started laying off everyone.

lashings 46965
unearned 46966
snared 46967
gartner 46968

“Blissful lashings unearned!
Snared by Gartner and discharged.”

March 25, 2006 at 11:54 am
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