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“Hey Google- What happened to my site?”

Well, this is odd, I just finished posting when I did a search…and BAM…I’m missing in the search results again. But so is some of our other projects. It’s very ODD Mr. Google. Why is that yesterday I saw my page as being cached on the 4th of Jan. Then I do my little nightly check and … “what does that say” … “December 28th” What the heck is that all about.

Well, I’m not sure. I’ve looked on numerouse sites and have nothing to post as of yet. But if you actually read my post…and have an answer…I’d love to hear it.

I have a feeling they have multiple cache servers…and purposely keep them unsync’d for purposes of getting different data results back for searches…which seems awful elementary. But what the heck do I know.

thanks in advance…

February 20, 2006 at 5:06 am
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