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Great Adwords Competition Tool

Thanks to Steve at “steveblom’s blog” “” for this little tidbit.

“Basically what they do is query Google a half a million times a day on all kinds of different keywords, and they grab the different advertisors that appear under those keywords and stick them all in a database. If you are in the top 8 they grab your ad as well, although their data isn’t that complete. It will take them longer to do enough queries to grab ALL the data (there are at least 200,000 advertisors on millions of keywords) but for only being active for a few days the volume of intelligence already gathered is enormous.

You can also search a keyword, and find the top 25 advertisors who also advertising on that term, then you can click on one of them to also see what other keywords that competitor is are advertising on.


May 2, 2006 at 11:43 pm
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