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Google – FYI

I was just reading that simple URL’s as opposed to Lengthy Keyword filled URL’s are better for search engine placement within Google. I’m not sure how much I agree with that. I have done some testing on both counts and must say that in my opinion it is not the case. By having some keywords in your URL string pages seem to rank higher, providing there is relavent content on the page.

So, I would be careful before making that assumption.
But then again…who the hell am I!

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SEO Update : –

Things have been moving up regularly. This is fantastic, albeit, exhausting. Finally, some people I work with understand and realize what I was trying to do in my early stages with Downtown Hotels and have let me put this back into the works. We have steadily grown in rankings with Yahoo and MSN…as well as google. I’m am very please and will post more soon.

September 21, 2006 at 2:46 am Comments (0) SEO Update 7/31/06

Well, we got the google smackdown again. We’ve been playing around with just our title tags lately and have watched google just push us around. It’s really insightful, frustrating and dissappointing to watch what you think is a great Keyphrase, or keyword and not get the results that your looking for.

So, Google says it doesn’t play favorites, yet, some of their “clients” get treated as if they have all the keywords and popularity no matter what terms you search for. – How is this? I understand some of what they are doing, but it is seemingly extremely difficult to break into the general keyword results.

I think I have some understanding of search engine placement, but then sometimes I feel like a novice. I don’t like tricks, gimicks or spam to get proper placement but I’m starting to think maybe I should start looking into it. It’s just unreal!

July 31, 2006 at 10:38 pm Comments (0) SEO update

Well, it seems as though we are finally back on track with the SEO project of death. We have updated all of the templates to contain fresh text content and less back and forth linkage with By eliminating linking within the attractions area and the content area we have given the contextual relevance that will allow it to stand on its’ own.

Back in Google for some of our latest updates…we feel we have finally done the right thing. Let’s hope it keeps going.

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Getting a Great Ranking With Google AdWords

A well written piece on using Adwords and succeeding.

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Great Adwords Competition Tool

Thanks to Steve at “steveblom’s blog” “” for this little tidbit.

“Basically what they do is query Google a half a million times a day on all kinds of different keywords, and they grab the different advertisors that appear under those keywords and stick them all in a database. If you are in the top 8 they grab your ad as well, although their data isn’t that complete. It will take them longer to do enough queries to grab ALL the data (there are at least 200,000 advertisors on millions of keywords) but for only being active for a few days the volume of intelligence already gathered is enormous.

You can also search a keyword, and find the top 25 advertisors who also advertising on that term, then you can click on one of them to also see what other keywords that competitor is are advertising on.


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A New Friends’ Help

A quote from a new friend has stimulated some new thoughts.

“I think you will be much more successful if you try to target 5 really focused keyword phrases that you know users search on instead of a large set of really broad single words”

I really like this line of thought, it seems simple and logical .. so, why wouldn’t we try it out.
I have just redone my approach to focus on some other keywords and it has improved the rankings…but, I’m still not satisfied. So, I plan on giving it a shot.

Thanks Michael….BTW-nice website!

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“Hey Google- What happened to my site?”

Well, this is odd, I just finished posting when I did a search…and BAM…I’m missing in the search results again. But so is some of our other projects. It’s very ODD Mr. Google. Why is that yesterday I saw my page as being cached on the 4th of Jan. Then I do my little nightly check and … “what does that say” … “December 28th” What the heck is that all about.

Well, I’m not sure. I’ve looked on numerouse sites and have nothing to post as of yet. But if you actually read my post…and have an answer…I’d love to hear it.

I have a feeling they have multiple cache servers…and purposely keep them unsync’d for purposes of getting different data results back for searches…which seems awful elementary. But what the heck do I know.

thanks in advance…

February 20, 2006 at 5:06 am Comments (0)

Some tidbits about SEO

I think that legitimacy is best. Sometimes it’s a hard line to walk … Especially when you have clients begging for questionable stuff….And YOU need to pay your bills.

The one thing I can share is this:
Remember this is your web too. Don’t Pollute or Dilute, Hoot! Hoot!….Hoot!

Here’s just some of the guidelines which I agree with and promote to my clients. I received this within an email campaign and it coincides with my beliefs, so I thought I’d post it. But, Credit for these tidbits go to:
Jennifer Horowitz the Director of Marketing for

“The Do’s and Dont’s of SEO for 2006…
Have hidden text on your web pages
Have paid links or other links that are not within Google’s quality guidelines
Overuse internal links or anchor text
Steal other people’s copy (like this)
Optimize your site yourself unless you are sure you are 100% clear on all steps and guidelines, and have a lot of time
Panic if you aren’t in the engines yet, it’s not too late to get in the game.

Follow best practices – stay within the engines’ guidelines
Avoid Overkill – keep the “nature theory” in mind
Add relevant keyword rich content. The creation of original and quality content is where it’s at
Hire a professional – SEO is a team effort.”

Thanks, Jennifer

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