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Some new tidbits from WebProNews.

This is my summary of this this article:

1. Improving website content – Content needs to be updated regularly
2. Navigation for visitors and search spiders -navigation simplified
3. New metrics measuring the success of a search marketing campaign -shared analysis of on-site traffic

a. Integrate their PPC campaigns with their SEO campaigns

Direct quotes of note…
“search, as a tool, is no longer confined to the search engines”

“Keywords are important, make no mistake about that but search engines have moved far beyond simple keyword/context measurements.”

February 20, 2006 at 5:11 am Comments (0) – SEO part II

So, here we are a few weeks later. Well, I must say. Just doing some basic analytics have gotten our sites into Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves and MSN. Are we #1? NO! But, I don’t think you can get there in the travel industry, unless….you have a powerful network.

But with that said, we have done little to market ourselves. Which we plan on doing in the coming weeks. We plan on running 2 promotions. Photo and Awards programs. Hopefully to drum up some viral stuff. I’ll post links once they run.

I’m keeping a XLS of a my run to the top in Google, Yahoo and some MSN…or to the middle. I have been tweaking everything for the last 2 weeks and watched as we bounced up and down. But we seem to be doing well. I have rethought our direction for and have now just relaunched the new Title, Keywords and Description as well as added new text to the site. REAL CONTENT.

February 20, 2006 at 5:05 am Comments (0)