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Masking Technique – Flash Page Turn

Wow this is a great Masking Technique & Flash Page Turn

Check it out this “Macromedia Site of the Day” – try to make something like this and your on your way to great actionscripting and motion

Well, I was thrilled with the motion and the effects of this page turn. The masking technique used to show the skeletons of the characters was done with some real pizzaz!…pretty clean work. Great Job!

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Netflix – MouseOver

Hey…Neat MouseOver

This is a cool concept that we may be able to implement into the Hotel Sites. We may be able to use it instead of a new window for “More Info” or possibly for The interactive Map information.

Check it out!

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Some new tidbits from WebProNews.

This is my summary of this this article:

1. Improving website content – Content needs to be updated regularly
2. Navigation for visitors and search spiders -navigation simplified
3. New metrics measuring the success of a search marketing campaign -shared analysis of on-site traffic

a. Integrate their PPC campaigns with their SEO campaigns

Direct quotes of note…
“search, as a tool, is no longer confined to the search engines”

“Keywords are important, make no mistake about that but search engines have moved far beyond simple keyword/context measurements.”

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