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Enterprise Encoding… DV 2004

Notes from an article on Enterprise Encoding.

The Process of encoding digital video for enterprise solutions has 5 basic steps:

1. Capture
2. Encode
3. Assemble
4. QA – back to encode..if there is a problem.
5. Deliver

In this article the write talks about encoding 150 hours of digital footage in MPEG-4(Quicktime) format, instead of Sorenson 3 for quickness.

They used Cleaner 6 to encode the content into 2 streaming bit rates. 100kbps for low-end broadband and 300kbps for mid-broadband. 1 bit rate for DVD-ROM, at close to 9o0kbps.

Equipment used:
1 Tape Deck
Dual 1.3 Ghz Xserve
1/2 a 2.5 Terabyte Xserve RAID system for storage
5 workstations running Cleaner 6 for encoding over gigabit ethernet.

You should look for the article because the stats were staggering on how they figured out the amount of stations vs. whether to invest in SAN and how long it would take to digitize all the footage. Basically, it comes down to precise planning and testing…which I plan on trying to get more into. NOTE: Using a database to track each asset as it moved through the different stages.

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