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Horizontal Image style…Sweet tip

This is a cool tip.
You know when you are trying to create an image horizontal rule, and you have problems with it going to far – so you end up creating a table. Well, here’s a little workaround for that.

<div align="center"><p class="horizontaldivider" style="width:80%;"></p></div>

Working below:

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Another great project for the portfolio. It’s an interactive brochure that I worked on last summer. It’s finally launched and is being done for a few clients. Enjoy. – IM:Brochure

Cool features:

  • Build a Brochure: Allows you to make specific brochures from the brochure your looking at. It also allows you to send it to a friend. (Thanks Rebecca)
  • Zoom: Allowing the user to zoom into smaller text pages or get better views for ease of legibility.
  • Table of Contents: The ability to set up sections or a table of contents based on any number of criteria.
  • Jump To: Allows the user to Jump To a specific page.
  • PDF Link: As always a link to a downloadable version of the brochure is always a welcome addition to any online collateral.
  • Order a Brochure: If they really like what they see, they can order it delivered to their front door.
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Pay-Per-Call method

This was an interesting article about the new Pay-Per-Call method being invoked by some internet portals. The search engine highlighted in this artice was

My understanding of the article is to enable companies to get leads over the phone, without the need to have an online presence. This looks to be an interesting premise for the small and medium sized businesses finding it difficult to track and trace leads from online inquiries.

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Netflix – MouseOver

Hey…Neat MouseOver

This is a cool concept that we may be able to implement into the Hotel Sites. We may be able to use it instead of a new window for “More Info” or possibly for The interactive Map information.

Check it out!

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