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Horizontal Image style…Sweet tip

This is a cool tip.
You know when you are trying to create an image horizontal rule, and you have problems with it going to far – so you end up creating a table. Well, here’s a little workaround for that.

<div align="center"><p class="horizontaldivider" style="width:80%;"></p></div>

Working below:

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Getting a Great Ranking With Google AdWords

A well written piece on using Adwords and succeeding.

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Adwords Tips :

I saw thesse in a forum…thought they would be useful elsewhere. Thanks – Hiccup

To increase your clicks on adwords follow these rules:

  • Never buy and ebook that tells you how, it’s a rip off
  • Increase your Max CPC, and check it using the ad diagnostic tool. If your ad is not appearing, increase the max cpc until it does. (On the tool, there is link that says, “view ad in google” or something to that effect. Use it.)
  • Make your daily budget at least double what they recommend. They really like $1,000 daily budgets for some reason…($30k per month maybe). BUT never increase it to more then you can blow in a day.
  • Take crappy keywords and either delete them or put them in their own campaign so they don’t affect the CTR of your good keywords.
  • Always write multiple ads, (two to start), and dispose of the lower perfomer after awhile. If you use two ads, adwords will rotate them automatically. Always try to beat the ctr with the new ad copy. Changes can be as simple as changing the word “easy” to “fast”.
  • Look for related industry keywords, misspellings, competition keywords and urls of competition or anything that the surfer would type in to locate your subject. Overtures keyword tool is great for this. googles keyword tool is ok for this.
  • You can have the number one spot at ANY TIME. But you’ll pay dearly for it. (just increase your max cpc substantially and you’ll see)
  • google’s “Traffic guesstimator” is wrong 99% of the time, don’t use it.
  • Always use broad match, phrase match AND exact match, you’ll be surprised at which ones work best.
  • Always display the keyword in the title using {keyword:default phrase}
  • Don’t put thousands of keywords auto generated by services like word tracker into the account all at once, your ads will never be shown because your daily budget cannot handle large amounts of keywords.
  • Once you find your best producing keywords, increase the bid on them slightly to get more profits and protect their positions.
  • Make your copy stand out and be relevant.
  • Once your CTR is above 10% you will pay less per click for the same or better position. ( they reward you for relevant, high click through ads.)
  • The best way to learn all this is by tinkering with the system, finding what works and what doesn’t.
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Great Adwords Competition Tool

Thanks to Steve at “steveblom’s blog” “” for this little tidbit.

“Basically what they do is query Google a half a million times a day on all kinds of different keywords, and they grab the different advertisors that appear under those keywords and stick them all in a database. If you are in the top 8 they grab your ad as well, although their data isn’t that complete. It will take them longer to do enough queries to grab ALL the data (there are at least 200,000 advertisors on millions of keywords) but for only being active for a few days the volume of intelligence already gathered is enormous.

You can also search a keyword, and find the top 25 advertisors who also advertising on that term, then you can click on one of them to also see what other keywords that competitor is are advertising on.


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