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Camera to Digitized footage…instantly

I’ ve been getting aggravated with the whole…Shoot, Look at it, Mark it, Digitize it, and Edit it function for creating multimedia presentations.

I could probably live with Shoot, Digitize, Edit!

Well, it’s starting to become a reality.

FireStore FS-3

Has anyone ever use one? Do they work well?

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DVD added Value : DV2004

Another article from DV magazines January 2004 edition.

“Adding Value to DVD”

Here they are talking about the numerous enhancements that firms are making in adding value to the DVD market. Some of these added values are listed below and are now becoming more and more expected from the consumers when they purchase a DVD.

* Behind the Scenes Footage
* Deleted Scenes
* Information on particular topics brought up within the movie

These are the most common but are not the only things being done. Some firms are in the process of creating Games and other fantastic new takes on DVD production…Stay tuned…I think this is just the beginning of the Digital Disk revolution.

Who knows, we’ll probably be traveling to museums and taking college courses with built in exams that talk through our internal home network directly to the board of education and get graded as fast as you can take the class. What a future….

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Enterprise Encoding… DV 2004

Notes from an article on Enterprise Encoding.

The Process of encoding digital video for enterprise solutions has 5 basic steps:

1. Capture
2. Encode
3. Assemble
4. QA – back to encode..if there is a problem.
5. Deliver

In this article the write talks about encoding 150 hours of digital footage in MPEG-4(Quicktime) format, instead of Sorenson 3 for quickness.

They used Cleaner 6 to encode the content into 2 streaming bit rates. 100kbps for low-end broadband and 300kbps for mid-broadband. 1 bit rate for DVD-ROM, at close to 9o0kbps.

Equipment used:
1 Tape Deck
Dual 1.3 Ghz Xserve
1/2 a 2.5 Terabyte Xserve RAID system for storage
5 workstations running Cleaner 6 for encoding over gigabit ethernet.

You should look for the article because the stats were staggering on how they figured out the amount of stations vs. whether to invest in SAN and how long it would take to digitize all the footage. Basically, it comes down to precise planning and testing…which I plan on trying to get more into. NOTE: Using a database to track each asset as it moved through the different stages.

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Pay-Per-Call method

This was an interesting article about the new Pay-Per-Call method being invoked by some internet portals. The search engine highlighted in this artice was

My understanding of the article is to enable companies to get leads over the phone, without the need to have an online presence. This looks to be an interesting premise for the small and medium sized businesses finding it difficult to track and trace leads from online inquiries.

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Design Rules

This is a great article by Fast Company

Fast Company interviewed some of best designers in many industries and this is what they had to say. What is great is that they use relational metaphors to explain how they feel about design.

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Words at Play – Adobe

Words at Play


When the site loads…form the words….”Words at Play” to enter the site,
then just explore away….it’s cool.

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Word Count

Word Count
Some People have a lot of time on thier hands.
This site, shown to the Empress by Art Chimes of Arlington, lists — horizontally in one lonnnnng line — 86,800 English words, from “the” to “conquistador,” including names, in order of the frequency in which they appear in a collection called the British National Corpus (which would explain why “London” pops up at No. 242, while “Washington” festers down at 2,932).

I wrote two poems that I submitted to a contest that wanted poems using consecutive words. check them out….

Words for first poem and the numbers they appear on the site.

yuck 46946
supergun 46954
skewers 46957
pairings 46958

“Ouch…Yuck and stunned,
I was felled by her Supergun.
Only to be pinned with Skewers of such nasty pairings,
Oh, for the love of god, I’m being flogged with stinky herrings.”


Words for second poem…and the context which it was written.
Context: I used to work at METAGroup when Gartner bought us out…and started laying off everyone.

lashings 46965
unearned 46966
snared 46967
gartner 46968

“Blissful lashings unearned!
Snared by Gartner and discharged.”

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Masking Technique – Flash Page Turn

Wow this is a great Masking Technique & Flash Page Turn

Check it out this “Macromedia Site of the Day” – try to make something like this and your on your way to great actionscripting and motion

Well, I was thrilled with the motion and the effects of this page turn. The masking technique used to show the skeletons of the characters was done with some real pizzaz!…pretty clean work. Great Job!

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Netflix – MouseOver

Hey…Neat MouseOver

This is a cool concept that we may be able to implement into the Hotel Sites. We may be able to use it instead of a new window for “More Info” or possibly for The interactive Map information.

Check it out!

March 25, 2006 at 11:45 am Comments (0) SEO Update

Well, another few weeks have gone by. I have found our site moving up in the results again…thank GOD.
Google mostly…
when doing a search using our key phrase we have jumped everywhere. I’m pretty psyched.

Something that is helpful for all SEO’s-
It seems as though Google and Yahoo differ on one important ranking feature. SubDomains.
If you have them … Yahoo likes…really Likes.

Google on the other hand….doesn’t give you any credit for it. Oh well.

Good luck

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